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Regenerative medicine is one of medical sectors to restore original function of cell by substitution or regeneration of human cells, organs and tissues. Preparing accelerated aging society, BR PHARM is giving a impetus to R & D for developing regenerative medical technology


BR has been manufacturing functional cosmetics ,using natural material , for recovering natural beauty.


We has resolutely broke away from traditional paradigm of skin care focused on Inside -Out Therapy to concentrate on Out-inside Therapy.
We has developed forth grade medical device, such as filler, contour injection etc, in use of raw material of Japanese S company.

New Challenge

Going over the only beauty, for maximize inner and outer beauty for curing disease, BR changed into
As the motto of Keeping beauty from aging, BR PHARM is targeting developing complete medicine and APIs for arthritis and eye-drops and etc.


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As aging society came, the most troublesome for mankind is degenerative disease and pain. It is direct relation to quality of human life, so BR Pharm is developing medicine for regenerative, pain-killing, and digenerative disease for devoting happy and beautiful life

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