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PDRN Meso Vita-DNA efficiency & effectiveness

  • A paper published "Materials Science and Engineering C" in SCI-grade international journals

  • Title : Effects of polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN) on wound Healing :

                Electric cell substrate impedance sensing (ECIS)

  • Publication : North Carolina A&T State University

<North Carolina A&T State University -BR PHARM PDRN provided>

Effectiveness cell proliferation

wound healing effective

PDRN raw materials virus inactivity test  

viruses are eliminated in final product inactivation and spiking test.

PDRN Macro Vita-DNA Pre clinical examination

HP Cell Regation dermal filler safety & effectiveness Clinical evaluation

(Chung Ang University, 2017.02)

Compared with the control group, ours resulted in an equivalent result on inflammation and foreign body reaction, and so it verified for safe product

other study reference

BR Pharm Government Research and development project participation result

BR Pharm patent

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