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EGF Snail Cream
Ingredient of natural snail mucus to supplement moisture to skin and maintain smooth and elasticity of skin . Giving a sense of the skin being full of E.G.F ingredient to restore vitality of skin at the same time.

Application Scope
Skin Elasticity/ Skin Moisturizing

Adenosine, EGF(Epidemal Growth Factor), Green Tea Extract, phytogenic oil...
Rejuvita-C Serum
Delivering vitality of pure vitamin C by BR PHARM ‘s special self method . It helps improve skin tone by Vitalizing the skin, lessening dull of skin , and recovering original skin color.

Application Scope
Vitality of skin / Provide skin nutrition.

Ascorbic-Acid, Arbutin
BR Nucleo Vital Coptis
Boiling natural coptis ,which is good for skin trouble, with BR PHARM self developed ingredient of BR COPTIS™ to suppress skin trouble quickly . Inhibiting over secretion of sebum and managing of dead skin cell to help maintain clear skin with suppression of skin trouble.

Application scope
Skin trouble care/ skin suppression

Coptis sap extract, Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide(DNA), Naicinamide
It used for troubled skin by excessive sebum overnight and managing sebum to maintain a clear complexion without skin trouble.

Application scope
Skin trouble care / skin texture management

Glycolic acid, Gluconolacton, Salicylates, Sulfur, EDTA(Chelating agents)...
Enzyme cleanser
Smooth form cleaning skin waste and maintaining moisture.

Skin Cleaning & moisture
Aloe Soothing Gel
In a gel type, Highly concentrated aloe vera leaf extract combined with Hyaluronic acid gives sooth the skin that is sensitive for sunlight and relieve irritation and redness of skin quickly and give s a soft and radiant skin with moisture and nutrition.

Application scope
Soothing skin / skin moisturizing

Containing 94.2% of Highly concentrated aloe vera leaf and Hyaluronic-Acid

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