For safety PDRN, BR Pharm PDRN certified of API, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and DMF registered by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety institution

Safe ​PDRN

PDRN Origin


One day a fisherman living in a small fishing village got a serious injury during working.

But there was lack of medical facility in a small fishing village.

So fishermen squeezed out the sperm from salmon fish and applied it to the wound area several times regularly. It was kind of cure action treatment like folk remedies from an ancestor in a fishing village, and finally found out wound healing perfectly without any inflammation. And a doctor who is seen this situation, studied and researched it, and discovered PDRN.


PolyDeoxyRiboNucleotide, as a substance, it is very few substances in the human placenta, and ethical issues and difficulties of the medicine productivity, therefore PDRN in the fish has emerged as an alternative. The components of the PDRN are taken in small quantities from the sperm of Sea trout. It is a DNA segment that is 95% match with human DNA and selectively acts on the adenosine A2 receptor to induce tissue regeneration and anti-inflammation effectiveness.

Sea trout sperm DNA

95% match

Human DNA like 
Cell growth promoter 

PDRN Mechanisms of Action

PDRN mechanism & effect Selectively act to adenosine A2 receptor in cells


Increase Growth Factor

Improve Microcirculation

Salvage Pathway

(DNA Synthesis)



inflammatory cytokine

Suppress pro-inflammatory cytokine

Induce rapid DNA synthesis and cell regeneration with less energy

① Inflammjatory

② Proliferative

③ Remodeling

Promotes the secretion of various growth factors (FGF, IGF, etc.), and promotes the differentiation of
undifferentiated cell.

Vasodilation and microvascular generation

Promote synthesis of damaged DNA

Promote inflammation relief

's  Safe PDRN
​Seawater domestication required for sea farming
Sea trout(Oncorhynchus mykiss) homing migration process



Spawning return

Spawning return

Fresh water, Sea water

adjustment period

  • 2nd freshwater (osmoregulation)

  • Spawning from October to March of the following year

  • Cold water fish

  • PDRN component contained in male sea trout testes.

Natural Sea trout
Nature sea trout do not know what they have eaten during homing migration process
It can be exposed to risks such as parasitic, bacterial, viral diseases, and it is inappropriate for use as a raw material for medicines. BR Pham is the first company who achieves successful sea trout farming for extraction of raw materials with medicine through collaborative work by technical guidance of the Jeollanam-do institute of ocean & fisheries technology and BR Pharm’s own technology.

Maximizing Safety

Sea trout farm

PDRN raw material - Sea trout Farm

1. Raw material’s Traceability possible farm methods

2. The Area(the south coast) where Clean Seawater supply is easy

3. The Best area for securing seawater and fresh water essential for

    Seawater domestication

Development of Seawater domestication technology

The trout is a secondary freshwater fish that has an ability to control osmosis, so it is necessary to adjust the period of adaptation when spawning at the point either the freshwater and freshwater fish or pass through the fresh water and the sea water

Secondary fresh fish water

Osmoregulation ability


Non-antibiotic farming technology development

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system(HACCP), Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 acquired, Seafood Traceability System, Bio Floc System(BFT), functional feed utilized and reliable pharmaceutical raw material production with Non-antibiotic farming

Sea circulation & filtration system

remove solid foreign substance, and

remove harmful substances dissolved in water by supplying Biofloc EM microbes.

heat pump

drum filter


  • Prevent environment pollution which is caused by effluent water is reduced greatly because the breeding water is not exchanged or minimized.

  • Prevent infectious disease inflow through breeding water. Conservation of heating costs. Efficient energy use.

  • Increase breeding density to increase the productivity of aquaculture, increase feed efficiency (FCR).

Strict quality control management

Eco-friendly feed


For Non-Antibiotic, Development of juicy eco-friendly feed

Growth measure

Growth Measure

Average in July: Size 40.3cm, weight 807g

Average in July: Size 41.9cm, weight 936g

Health checkup &

Disease checkup

Blood sampling for health analysis
Internal organs tissue collection
Check gonadal maturation status

Selective sperm


Selected raw materials for pharmaceuticals

Acquisition: All processing Quality Control

Passed conformity determination -
Bacterial and antibiotic not detected

BR Pharm’s selective testicles

PDRN unique extraction technology – own patent application

Raw material in stock



Fracture and urification


Precipitate recovery / washing


Check virus extinction while processing_No virus!

  • PDRN Safety :  Not cytotoxic on MRC-5 and Vero cell line

  • It is proved that 4 kinds of viruses are eliminated in final product inactivation and spiking test.



Salmon virus 2 types/ Human virus 1 types / Porcine virus 1 types

Add virus during production

Certified BGMP (Bulk Good Manufacturing

Practice & Good Manufacturing Practice) 

The birth of BR Pharm PDRN raw material medicine : VITARAN

BRPHARM’s eco-friendly and safe process


Unique PDRN extraction technology from sea trout sperm


through BGMP system

PDRN raw material :  Virus inactivation test

No detection of virus from BR PHARM’s PDRN raw material

2017. 12 by BIO PS Biopharmaceutical Safety Verification Center

Passed strict quality control

BR Pharm PDRN. API DMF registered.

DMF registered by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety institution

BR Pharm PDRN Raw material medicine DNA size separation purification technology






Medical device

Skin healer

Intra-articular injection

Musculoskeletal disorders treatment

Alopecia treatment

Wound healing 
Tissue regeneration

Improvement wrinkles
Skin rejuvenation
Skin brightening

BRPHARM PDRN Business Area

Cell growth activator

Securing core



Wound healing

Tissue regeneration

Injectable products

Supplying various functional solutions  to 3500 domestic clinics


Anti-aging, skin care Cosmetics

Health functional


Medical Device

Joint regeneration


Skin regeneration


Establish food production facility (3rd factory) - Scheduled

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