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Raw Material Medication
Material of Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid?
It is kind of complicated polysaccharide composed of amino acid and uronic acid and it also kind of highly polimerized compound which is made up of N-acetylglucosamin and glucosamin .It exists between elastic fiber and collarenous fiber which is also human composition can help moisturizing and cell regeneration  and it also has important role to keep skin moisturizing.

Crosslink is overall connection of  polymer chain by covalence bond.
Natural Hyaluronic acid  is decomposed in a body by enzyme in a few days and it is very short  time for hyaluronic acid to sustain in a body. It is difficult and limited to use natural hyaluronic acid as  as carrier for tissue repair and medicine delivery.
So  it has been developed  as system engineering carrier containing body fluid and cell curing medicine  to make medicine for regeneration  by cross-linking to enhance maintenance in body ,insolubility and mechanical strength.



Advanced Material
High quality raw material(S company, Japan, European Pharmacopoeia Grade)
(Heavy metal standard of EP 20ppm lower NMT 10 ppm)
FDA& EMQM approved raw materials


Advanced Facility
Produced in the latest manufacturing facilities and equipment


Advanced High Viscoelacisity
Low Temp. & Long cross-link time.
High-density low molecular HA
Elastin, Collagen, HA Recovery (Tissue regeneration)





Advanced Efficacy & Maintenance
It’s ease of procedure using soft injection contains lidocaine pain relive.
Below in procedure later swelling




Advanced Safety
Low Heavy metals(<10ppm)
Low BDDE(<2mg/kg)
Low endotoxin(<20Eu/device)
Low inflammation and edema
Low hypersensitivity by protein





Completed pre-clinical test at Korea Testing & Research Institute

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