BR Nucleo Vital Coptis


  • Boiling natural coptis ,which is good for skin trouble, with BR PHARM self developed ingredient of BR COPTIS™ to suppress skin trouble quickly . Inhibiting over secretion of sebum and managing of dead skin cell to help maintain clear skin with suppression of skin trouble.

    Application scopeSkin trouble care/ skin suppression

    IngredientCoptis sap extract, Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide(DNA), Naicinamide

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Nucleo vital coptis


Coptis sap extract
As a kind of ranunculaceae, it is effective for cardiotonic mecha nism, fever removal effect, antibacterial effect, sedation, anti inflammatory effect ad biliary excretion effect. It also effective for dermatomyces or white candida. It has strong antibacterial effect, antivirus effect, preventing inflammatory disease and promoting blood circulation.BR Corptis is herb sap resources decocted BR Coptis with natural ingredients instead of water.

Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide(DNA)
As it is hydrolyzed tissue regeneration DNA extracted from salmon sperm, it induces fast cell regeneration and wound healing time reduction. It generates simultaneously Collagenic/Non-collagenic protein and expedites the proliferation of fibroblast, which is a stem cell forming normal matrix. It is new skin DNA which activates Collagen fiber, elastic fiber and reticular fiber by VEGF proliferation.

It is superior whitening ingredient. It decreases melanin move ment from melanocyte to keratinocyte. As nicotine acid’s amide, it is one of the complexes with water-soluble vitamin and vitamin B. It helps skin cell vitalize and winkle improvement.

It improves anti-in ammatory ability, tissue regenerative ability and immu- nodulatory ability by the complex with anti-in ammatory and an It e ectively penetrates to acne germ by dermotropic ingredient(natural com- ponent) and core technique. anti-biotic substances extracted from natural plants.It is multi-solution which cares vestigiumaer trouble by containing Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide(DNA).
Sensitive skin
Acne skin
Acne wounded & scarred skin

After washing face in the morning and evening, absorbed into troubled spot  or evenly apply to whole face.

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