• It used for troubled skin by excessive sebum overnight and managing sebum to maintain a clear complexion without skin trouble.

    Application scopeSkin trouble care / skin texture management

    IngredientGlycolic acid, Gluconolacton, Salicylates, Sulfur, EDTA(Chelating agents)...

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Glycolic acid    
It removes keratin.  It has acne germ’s growth inhibiting effect(PH shock). It helps active ingredients pass throughout the skin.

It is natural ingredient for antibacterial activity. Applying to skin, it blocks secondary contamination by surface bacteria. It fundamentally blocks acne germs’ skin metastasis.

It absorbs to skin without irritation. It selectively acts to acne germ. It relieves inflammation into deep skin.

It designs as micro particle to penetrate into pore. It prevents acne germ's DNA synthesis -> It prevents acne germ's breeding. It blocks acne germs' skin metastasis with gluconolacton.

EDTA(Chelating agents)
It is a basic substance which fills between collagen and elastin. As a kind of mucopolysaccharides, it pulls more than 1000times of moisture on its weight and it is key roll in moisture maintenance.

Allantoic acid
It heal wounded skin by promoting new tissue growth (sedation).

It keeps skin moisturized and improves skin texture(sedation).

It is used for pustular acne/seborrheic acne miliaris acne/adult acne/acne medicamentosa. It also used for trouble skin by excessive sebum.
Intensive inflammation, antibiosis effect SULFER Cream
Nature Sulfur component absorb sebum to get rid of wastes and BHA and AHA component to resolve and remove old sebum.Intensify sulfur and salicylic acid consolidate component to treat purulent effectually.
Natural sulfur contact to skin = Produce cystine protein = Produce pentathionic acid
Produce intensive inflammation insecticidal property
Pentathionic acid have inflammation and insecticidal property and it prevent acne occurs and bacterial diseases also continually absorb sebum has the ability to prevent septic seborrheic conditions.


Application Method

As it is applying before bed, after cleansing face and drying, apply evenly to acne area. Wash it next morning.
1) First application(first day): 30mins after applying sulfur cream, wash off the skin. After that, apply NucleoVital Corptis.
2) Second application: Apply sulfur cream. Wash it off after 2hours and apply NucleoVital Corptis
3) From third application: apply at night and sleep. (from third time, apply sulfur cream only)
※ During the usage, if there is tingly sensation or feverish redness, wash face with soap. >>As there is adjustive period, there is tingly sensation as first application.
※ After applying sulfur cream, if there is redness or severe tingly sensation, wash off with sponge immediately. During the usage, dryness and keratin can be emerged due to the effects of product.
※ Do not use if there is atopy or eczema. For herpes-infected person, use it after complete recovery on the infected area.
Precaution for the application for sensitive skin or dry skin
If there is severe tingly sensation, mix sulfur with moisture cream as 1:5(moisture cream: sulfur).

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