EGF Snail Cream


  • Ingredient of natural snail mucus to supplement moisture to skin and maintain smooth and elasticity of skin . Giving a sense of the skin being full of E.G.F ingredient to restore vitality of skin at the same time.

    Application ScopeSkin Elasticity/ Skin Moisturizing

    IngredientAdenosine, EGF(Epidemal Growth Factor), Green Tea Extract, phytogenic oil...


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Snail Cream

As excellent winkle improvement effect, it promotes collagenesis by proliferating fibroblast in dermis. Making up the inconvenient points of retinol, it can be used for day & night. During penetrating into skin, it is safe and excellently sustaining ingredient for anti-aging.

EGF(Epidemal Growth Factor)? EGF(Epidermal Growth Factor), existed in human body, promotes cell’s regeneration and prolif- eration and stabilizes damaged skin. EGF, a kind of proteins in human body, combined to the receptor on the skin surface and pro- moted new cell production, is a natural regenerative material. Providing EGF to the becoming aging skin, keeps skin healthy and remains skin’s youth. Glycine semen germiatum extract It is involved with skin elasticity and have winkle improvement effect.    Copper Tripeptiede-1 it soothes irritated skin and skin redness , and helps to restore and strengthen skin elasticity. It strengthens protein membrane and reduces micro winkles, and it also helps to reduce deep winkles. Beta-glucan As one of sugars extracted from yeast, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory function. By an- tioxidant function, it keeps skin from anti-aging and oxidation process by free radicals. It protects skin cell damages by keeping protein and moisture.

Green Tea Extract
It is efficient to get rid of oxygen free radicals. It also has skin calming effect, uses for astringent and improves skin elasticity.

Hydrogenated phytogenic oil
As phytogenic oil added hydrogen, it keeps moisture from evaporation Worm wood extract As extracted from worm wood, it eliminates unique scent of product.

Arnica flower extract
As compositae plant, it is extracted from arnica floral leaf and have an effects on skin condition- ing.

Birch sap
As similar components to NMF containing amino acids, sugars and minerals, it helps to keep skin moisturized. Due to this feature, it is called as phytogenic collagen.

Portulaca extract
It has superior anti-inflammation effect. As it has the mitigative property, it is used for the cosmet- ics for sensitive and troubled. As it combines plenty of natural moisture factor, it has an effect on making smooth and moistur- ized skin.

Epidermal growth factor EGF is to promote cell regeneration and growth to stabilize the damaged skin.
External environmental stimulation and intensive UV exposure are delaying regeneration period, also minimize skin aging and skin moisture evaporation take shaping problem, and also E.G.F combine with receptor on the surface of skin to promote new cell production.
Snail mucus mucin component is combination of sugar and immune protein, caused by mutinous material and it maintain skin moisture and stronger immune to protect skin.

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