Enzyme cleanser


  • Smooth form cleaning skin waste and maintaining moisture.

    ApplicationSkin Cleaning & moisture

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Enzyme Cleaning

Pinot silbin bacteria and mold etc. anti-microorganism effect
Rojeumarin acid use scent of aroma also had inflammation/ anti-oxidation/ anti-stimulation effect.
Allantoin have anti-inflammation effect, boost skin tissue generation, prevent skin peeling and make skin smooth effect.
Tee tree leaf oil effect for erythema, itch, inflammation etc.
Papaya fruit extract effect for longtime sedum remove, providing moisture, wound recovery, improve wrinkle, maintain skin elasticity.
Perennial gypsophila root extract is skin conditioner.
Lemon extract effect for stronger skin and  mucous membrane and sterilization.
Orange extract is for relax skin stimulation and maintain beautiful skin color.
Pine tree extract effect for anti-oxidation and prevent UV, wound healing, antibiosis,anti-inflammation.

How to use
Pumping once, use enough form avoid eye and mouth massage whole face and use warm water to clean up. before washing wait sometime could have sedum remove effect. No feeling of dry and pulling.






 STEP 1 

Massage smoothly

Repeat several times

Form do not disappear simply, so maintain moisture and mildly cleaning pore. 

Remove clearly waste

After makeup and cleaning all of surface of skin feels good, but not good for skin. It could break balance of moisture and dry, also sensitive skin getting red or itch. Therefore good cleaning must have low stimulation and moister functions. Phyto Barrier cleaner produce based on those condition.

Solved difficult problem!
Skin trouble is after makeup sweat or skin waste could bring foreign substance, also sedum secretion in regulation producing over sedum or reason of bacteria induce inflammation. Mostly in the summer, it getting worse, so cleaning option is very important.
Maintaining certain keratin and ease pore sweat and sedum waste, also sedum film have good bacteria is healthy skin.

Normal skin sedum secretion amount
Forming nature portaction film
Wash too much also remove sedum, it could product over sedum. Phyto Barrier resolving complicate problem,  such as sensitive skin, dry skin, oil skin, serious skin problem and all type.

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