HP Cell Reagation 0.5 ( Skinbooster )


  • IngredientHP PDRN

    EffectivenessFacial Immediate wrinkle improvement


HP CELL Regation 0.5 Skinbooster
- Cell Antiaging Hydrolifting injection

HP Cell PDRN과 HA filler Combine
HP Cell PDRN and HA hyaluronic acid equally inject into dermis to rejuvenation and maintaining clear and clean skin.



Cell Antiaging Hydrolifting water-light recommending area


Cell Antiaging Hydrolifting injection


Lidocaine Cream ▶ Hydroinjector ▶ Cooling Pack

Caution of after injection
Injected evening washing face softly.
Sauna, exercise or wetting act are prohibited for a while.
Drinking and smoking are prohibition.







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