LYO-Water Treatment

  • BR Pharm use considerable lyophilization technology to mix appropriate highly enrichment moisture product. Maintaining effect component originally and designed more easy to absorb by skin and longer moisture. Can mix to use various solutions.

    ApplicationSkin moisture / Skin elasticity

    IngredientSodium Hyaluronate, Collagen,Arbutin, Allatoin,Niacin amide, Palmitoyl Pentapptide..


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Sodium Hyaluronate,
Niacin amide,
Palmitoyl Pentapptide,
Copper Tripetide-1


Groundbreaking moisturizing solution existed in Phyto Barrier only as it keeps the effectiveness for long term by minimizing the corruptions of hyaluronic acid, collagen, arbutin, peptides through lyophilization technology & it has fast dissolvent during the hydration by grain refining of infusible substances.


Hyaluronic acid have 3 important functions in human body.

 Filling Space

 Sustaining Structure

 Protecting Cell

Hyaluronic acid mainly doing moisture and lasting collagen and elastin, also providing tissue nutrition.
Hyaluronic acid using whitening, wrinkles, skin improvement etc.

How to use
1. Open the cap of the Lyophilization Solution by the direction of arrow. 2. Be soluble by adding saline 3ml into Lyoceutical Solution’s ampoule. (After closing the cap, shake 2~3times for faster melting)

1 Micro Needle Theraphy Use MTS to promote to absorb a solution for the therapy of skin redness, bruise and hemotelangiosis.
▶▶ Regular Treatment(every week) ᆞMicro needle roller: 0.25(mm)~0.5(mm) needle (once in every week)
▶▶Special Treatment (every second week) ᆞMicro needle roller: 1(mm) needle (once in every second week)

2 Other equipment for absorption Promote to absorb by ultrasonic waves massager, cryo-electrophoresis or iontophoresis

3 Various laser equipment Apply solution after IPL,Fraxel laser toning, CO2 laser,VM beam and laser peeling

4 Solution application method Lyo-RosaPro solution can be used as solo for skin redness therapy. It is available to mix with other solutions. You can also use after various laser treatments for more effect.


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