Rejuvita-C Serum


  • Delivering vitality of pure vitamin C by BR PHARM ‘s special self method . It helps improve skin tone by Vitalizing the skin, lessening dull of skin , and recovering original skin color.

    Application ScopeVitality of skin / Provide skin nutrition.

    IngredientAscorbic-Acid, Arbutin

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Rejuvita-C Serum 30ml

▶ Easy to oxidized high levels of vitamin C use system conversing method to stabilization.
▶ Ascorbic Acid is pure Vitamin C and it also have powerful anti-oxidant effect.
▶ Contain wrinkle improving ingredient adenosine to protect the skin.
▶ Contain whiten improving ingredient Arbutin to whitening synergy.
▶ Feeling silk like smooth texture
▶ Protecting skin from free radicals

Special stabilization process and amazing effects of Vitamin C
Acidic form of vitamin C’s oxidation process are very fast.
The necrosis comes pure white to yellow or brown and contain 15% or 25% of high products after approximately 6 months, itself will oxidation to 3~5% and lost function of anti-oxidant.



BR Pharm’s Rejuvita-C Serum
As Vitamin C to prevent oxidation of the neutral form of vitamin C it is dissolved in a specific solvent other than water to maintain the activity as natural.
And then the metabolism of biochemical methods to convert the active form of maintaining the activity of pure vitamin C product can be increased scientifically designed for percutaneous absorption and stability.(System for converting the form of the cells in water and acid in vitamin C to meet the neutral state when applied to the skin)

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