Reviness HA


  • Reviness HA

  • Based on hyaluronic acid quote cutting edge technology and endless R&D to produced HPNC technology filler.

    IngredientIncredientCross-linked hyaluronic acid

    EffectivenessTemporary improvement of facial wrinkle



Reviness HA

5A-HPNC Technology (5Advanced-High Purity Network Control)


Low BDDE, Low Temperature, Long Cross-linking Time and HPNC method achieved satiable HA structure.
Achieved a more detailed HA structure with uniform Cross-linking in response to chemical and physical modification by the external pressure and the body blood and enzyme, that can use the same time to stabilize as close to pure HA safely by gently feeling shooting of the procedure when specialist This is a new concept of the filler.

Advanced Material
Use Japanese S company raw material (FDA/EMQM)
Minimize Heavy metal (Lower than10ppm)

Advanced Facility
Product in confirmed facility(ISO 13485/GMP)

Advanced Viscoelasticity
Long temperature Cross linking
Even Cross-linking  High density low molecule HA
Net structure adjust Increasing Purity layer Purification Tech

Advanced Efficacy &Maintain
High compound adhesive Low resolve High stability

Advanced Safety
Low heavy metal
Low endotoxin
Low inflammation & swelling
Low allergy (Reason of protin)












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